Parking appeals

If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or Notice to Owner which you believe has been issued unfairly, you can lodge an appeal. If you do this within 14 days of receiving the PCN, you will normally be given a further discount period to pay if your appeal is unsuccessful.

There are normally three possible stages of appeal; an challenge can be made immediately after the PCN is issued, a formal representation or appeal can be made after the Notice to Owner has been issued and an appeal to an independent Adjudicator can be made if your formal representation is rejected. There are strict time limits for lodging appeals, you should ensure that you comply with these limits to avoid losing the opportunity to appeal and possibly increased costs. Appeals made out of time will only be considered if there are genuine reasons for the delay such as being away from your home address, i.e. in hospital or on holiday.

In your appeal you should state your case clearly and simply, if you have evidence to support your claim such as a P&D ticket or permit, or a copy of a receipt or witness statement, send these in. (We recommend that you always send copies only and hold on to the originals). The council will write back, either accepting or rejecting your challenge. We aim to respond to all appeals within 15 working days. If you have appealed within the original discount period and the council reject your challenge, you will still be offered the chance to pay at the discounted rate.

How to appeal

  • Call into your local library
  • Call into Conway One Stop Shop in Birkenhead

Alternatively, you can write to:

Parking Services
Regeneration and Environment Directorate
Cheshire Lines Building
Canning Street
CH41 1ND

Please quote the PCN number and the vehicle registration on all correspondance.


Further information

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal website provides further information on appealing Penalty Charge Notices.