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Telephone Tel: 0151 606 2006

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If you feel you need support from adult social services in Wirral then, as with all Councils in the UK, you will first need to go through an assessment to work out if you are eligible.

Whether you are eligible or not is worked out through an initial ‘self directed assessment’ of your needs. The way this is measured in England is through a policy called ‘Fair Access to Care Services’ (or FACS, for short).

FACS is a system for deciding how much support people with social care needs can expect, to help them cope and keep them fit and well. It applies to all Councils in England. Its aim is to help social care workers make fair and consistent decisions about the level of support needed.

In Wirral, as with most local authorities in England, people who are assessed as having “critical” or “substantial” needs under Fair Access to Care following their assessment are eligible to receive services from the Department of Adult Social Services. You can find out more about 'Fair Access to Care' from this website.

If your level of needs means you are not eligible for publicly funded social care, you will be given information about alternative sources of support, and advice about how to access them.

You may qualify for help from a range of other services, including health, housing, benefits, education, training, employment, transport and leisure. Local community groups and networks may be able to provide the specific support and advice you need.

If you would like to request an assessment, or just get some advice, please contact our Central Advice and Duty Team on 0151 606 2006. They will be happy to talk you through your options.