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Telephone Tel: 0151 606 2006

Asking for an Assessment

People in Wirral have access to a wide range of social care services, which provide care and support to vulnerable people.

We work in close partnership with organisations such as NHS Wirral, WIRED, VCAW, Wirral LINks and Age Concern among others to make sure our services are joined up and compliment each other.

If you are looking for information about what services are available, a good place to start is the Wirral Well website, which is an online one-stop-shop for care services. 

If you would like to arrange an assessment for support from the Department of Adult Social Services, the first thing to do is check whether you are eligible. You can find out more about what criteria we look for in the Can I get Support section of this website.  

Once you have done that, or if you are still unsure if you are eligible or not, the next step is to contact our Central Advice and Duty Team on 0151 606 2006 and ask them to arrange an assessment for you.  

Even if you aren’t eligible for support from social services right now, there are a lot of services available which we provide to everyone – check the I'm Looking for Support section of this website or visit the Wirral Well website to find out more.