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Learning Disability Partnership Board: Sub-Committees

This is about how groups reporting to the Learning Disability Partnership Board will work. 

It is to help all members of subgroups to be clear on what they need to do and how they do it. 

The Learning Disability Partnership Board will agree what sub-committees are needed to make sure Valuing People Now happens in Wirral.   

Current Sub-Committees consist of:

The Learning Disability Partnership Board might also ask other groups that were already set up to help with the work.  For example the Enabling Fulfilling Lives Group has been asked to run the process for elections for Partnership Board members who have a learning disability, or are caring for a person with a learning disability.  

The Partnership Board says that all groups doing work for it should work to the same set of rules. 

Here are the Rules:

  • Every Sub-Committee should have a Chair who is a voting member of the Partnership Board. 
  • Every Sub-Committee should name a person who will. 
  • Send out the agenda and papers for the Sub-Committee meetings.  This should be done at least a week before the meeting. 
  • Write notes of the Sub-Committee meeting and send out a list of actions to all members in the week after the meeting.
  • Make sure that any actions are done on time.
  • Make sure that reports to the Partnership Board are done on time.
  • Keep a list of Sub-Committee members and contact details
  • Work with the LD Partnership Board Office
  • Every Sub-Committee should have an action plan that shows what needs to be done and when it should be done by.
  • The action plan should show all the jobs that the Learning Disability Partnership Board has asked to be done.

Group Membership

  • All members of the Sub-Committee have an equal position and equal say and a chance to speak out.
  • Make sure that their views are valued

Making Decisions

When the Sub-Committee needs to make a plan and decide on important things there will be a vote

  • For voting to happen the Chair must be present with at least two other members.  One member must have been elected by the Enabling Fulfilling Lives Group
  • Each member has a vote
  • The majority vote wins the vote.
  • The decision must be recorded in the notes of the Sub-Committee meeting and any report to the Partnership Board.
  • Members can nominate a deputy in case they cannot attend the meeting.  Deputies’ right to vote needs to be agreed by the Sub-Committee.