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Learning Disability Partnership Board

Learning Disability Partnership Boards (LDPBs) were set up in all local authority areas following publication of the Valuing People White Paper in 2001. 

Their job is to oversee interagency planning and commissioning to achieve social inclusion for people with learning disabilities.  Valuing People Now, the revised and updated national strategy for people with a learning disability was published in February 2009.  It stressed the pivotal role of LDPBs as the key vehicle for ensuring that people benefit from Valuing People Now. 

Accountability for the operation and effectiveness of the LDPB rests with the Director of Adult Social Services and the PCT Chief Executive. This was further reinforced in the Department of Health’s Guidance of October 2009 ‘Good Learning Disability Partnership Boards: ‘Making it happen for everyone’.  

The National strategy for People with a learning Disability - Valuing People Now – says that all people with learning disabilities and their families should benefit by: 

  • Having greater choice and control over their lives and have support to develop person centred plans
  • Getting the healthcare they need and the support they need to live healthy lives
  • Having an informed choice about where and with whom they live
  • Having a fulfilling life of their own, beyond services, that includes opportunities to study, work and enjoy leisure and social activities
  • Being supported into paid work, including those with more complex needs
  • Having the choice to have relationships, become parents and continue to be parents and will be supported to do so
  • Being treated as equal citizens in society and supported to act out their rights and fulfil their responsibilities
  • Having the opportunity to speak up and be heard about what they want from their lives for both the big decisions and the everyday choices.  If they need support to do this, they should be able to get it
  • Being able to use public transport safely and easily if they feel confident about doing so
  • Being able to lead their lives in safe communities and feel confident that their right to live in safety is upheld by the criminal justice system

On 8 December 2010, the Minister for Care Services, Paul Burstow launched the Valuing People Now Summary Report.   This report covered progress made in the first 18 months. It also showed where more work needed to be done. The main prioritieswere improving outcomes for people with learning disabilities in health, housing, and employment.  

The Wirral Learning Disability Partnership  Board and the sub-committees  reporting to it are there to make Valuing People Now happen in Wirral.

The Department of Health produced Guidance on Effective Learning Disability Partnership Boards and this was used to shape the new Terms of Reference agreed by the Learning Disability Partnership Board in March 2011.  Board members agreed that their meetings needed to focus on getting done the important business of: 

  • making sure that there were plans in place for all of the key priorities
  • making sure that things were getting done on time and to an appropriate standard
  • holding managers and other Board members to account for the work.

The full Terms of Reference for the Partnership Board, its Voting Members and expectations of the sub-committees reporting to it are available from this website.