Church Records

Wirral fell within the Diocese of Chester, and therefore church records (including baptism, marriage and burial registers) for the Church of England, as well as those for Nonconformist and many Roman Catholic churches, are held at Cheshire Archives. (Other Roman Catholic records are held by the Diocese of Shrewsbury.)

Wirral Archives holds some records for the following churches.

Church of England 

  • St Andrew's Church, West Kirby 
  • St Anne’s Church, Birkenhead 
  • St Luke’s Church, Poulton 
  • St Luke's Church, Lower Tranmere 
  • St Mary's Church, Birkenhead (closed 1974) (includes indexes of burials and of monumental inscriptions) 
  • St Mary's Church, Eastham (includes burial register) 
  • St Mary's Church, Liscard 

Roman Catholic Church 

  • Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church 
  • St Albans Roman Catholic Church, Liscard 
  • St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Upton 

Methodist Church

Wirral Archives holds records of the four circuits of the Liverpool District on the Wirral, i.e. Birkenhead, Wallasey, South Wirral and West Wirral.

We also hold records for the following churches:

  • Brighton Street Methodist Church 
  • Brunswick Methodist Church 
  • Charing Cross Methodist Church 
  • Claremount Road Methodist Church 
  • Heswall Methodist Church 
  • Hind Street Methodist Church 
  • Irby Methodist Church 
  • Lowe Street Methodist Church 
  • Moreton Methodist Church 
  • Oxton Road Methodist Church 
  • Prenton Methodist Church 
  • Thingwall Methodist Church 
  • Tranmere Methodist Church 
  • Trinity Methodist Church (later the Manor Church Centre) 
  • Palm Grove Wesleyan Methodist Church 
  • St Luke’s Wesleyan Methodist Church 
  • Wesleyan Methodist Church, Higher Tranmere 
  • Mount Tabor Primitive Methodist Church 

Welsh Methodist Church 

  • Claughton Road Welsh Methodist Church

United Reformed Church 

  • Egremont United Reformed Church (formerly Egremont Presbyterian Church)
  • Hoylake United Reformed Church (formerly Hoylake Congregational Church) 
  • Tranmere United Reformed Church (formerly Tranmere Congregational Church) 

Presbyterian Church 

  • St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Birkenhead 
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church, Claughton 
  • Wallasey Presbyterian church 

Congregational Church 

  • Liscard Congregational Church 

Welsh Congregational Church 

  • Welsh Congregational Church (Eglwys Gynulleidfaol), Birkenhead (includes marriage registers) 

Baptist Church 

  • Egremont Baptist Church (includes marriage registers, 1899-1940)

Free Church 

  • Birkenhead Free Church 

Pentecostal Church 

  • Elim Pentecostal Church (includes register of marriages)