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Telephone Tel: (0151) 606 2010

Booking your Invigor8 classes and activities

There are three ways for members and subscribed users to book an Invigor8 class or activity:

Please remember that payment is required at the time of booking. See the 'step-by-step' guide and FAQs sections below for more information.


Become a member or subscribed user

You need a Membership ID Number and a PIN Number to make a booking. If you are not a member or user (and don't an ID and PIN number) you can register for them through any of the three options given above.

As bookings can only be made up to a maximum of eight days in advance, block bookings cannot be made.

A small number of classes cannot be booked in advance, including all 50 plus sessions, trampolines and specialist courses/lessons.


Step-by-step guide to making a booking:


  1. Go to (making the site one of your favourites will help make future bookings easier and faster).
  2. Enter your Membership number and PIN number. Go to 'Edit my details' to make sure that your details are correct and that we have your current email address (if applicable).
  3. Click on the centre of your choice and select your required activity (this will only allow you to see available activities within your membership type) and the preferred time and date.
  4. Confirm your booking by making a payment. This will be zero to direct debit members. You will then receive your booking confirmation via email.

You can download more information about online bookings.


By phone:
Call the Invigor8 Booking Line on 0151 606 2010 and give your Membership and PIN numbers.

You will then be asked for details of what you want to book, including the activity, centre, time and date. (Again, you will only be allowed to book activities available within your membership type).

Once this information has been confirmed, you will be asked to pay upon attendance at your leisure centre.

You will then receive your booking confirmation verbally or via email.

You can download more information about making a booking by telephone.


In Person:
You can visit any Invigor8 Leisure Centre to make a booking or register to become a member. Our helpful and friendly staff will be able to take you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

You can download the Terms and Conditions of booking.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1 - I have never booked a class before and am not registered. Can I use this facility? 
Yes you can. You can register online, by phone or in person. Alternatively, you can become a subscribed Invigor8 Member and enjoy all the additional incentives and benefits that come with membership.

Question 2 - I am a registered/ subscribed member but cannot find my Membership or PIN number. How can I get a reminder?
For a reminder of your details, you can either visit your local Invigor8 Centre or call our Central Admin Team on 0151 606 2244.

Question 3 - I have read the instructions, but would like some extra help with making my booking. Who can I speak to?
Our staff will be happy to help if you call the Invigor8 Booking Line on 0151 606 2010.

Question 4 - How far in advance can I make a booking?
Subscribed members can make bookings up to 8 days in advance of a class/activity. For all other users, this is 7 days.

Question 5 - Can I book at any time of day?
Online bookings can be made 24/ 7, telephone bookings Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30am – 5pm and in person at your local Invigor8 Leisure Centre during the official opening hours of the individual site.

Question 6 - Is there a limit to the number of bookings I can make per day?
No, as long as all bookings are confirmed by payments (where applicable).

Question 7 - There is a problem with my booking. Who can help me?
The Central Admin Team can help by calling 0151 606 2244.

Question 8 - Can I pay for my booking over the phone/online?
Yes, we now have the facility to take payments securely online.  

Question 9 - I have registered online/by phone and now need to pick up my leisure card. What types of ID are accepted in order to issue my card?
Driving License, Bus Pass, Birth Certificate and Passport are all accepted as proof of identity and age, if you are a junior or elderly person.

Question 10 - How do I cancel a booking once I have received a confirmation?
You can cancel a booking online, by telephone or in person at an invigor8 Leisure Centre. Please note you will not be refunded at the time of cancelling unless you visit your local centre and meet the refund criteria.