Applying for an Allotment

Due to their popularity the majority of allotment sites now have
waiting lists.

The cost for renting an allotment is £35.00 per year and the year runs from the 1st October to the 30th September. The rent is increased every year.

If you are a pensioner (over 60) or hold a Wirral Passport in date you are entitled to a reduction. Please note proof must be shown to qualify for a reduction.

To apply for an allotment, please complete the Allotment Application online form.


Allotment Locations
There are dozens of allotment sites across Wirral.

If you want to know more please contact the Secretary of
a local allotment site, listed in the Allotment Locations Addresses document.


Learn to get more out of your allotment
Wirral's Lifelong and Family Learning Service provides a number of short courses to help get budding gardeners off to a flying start. Download a leaflet below to find out more about the starter courses: