Housing Options service standards

Housing Options will deliver its service in line with Wirral Council’s corporate customer care guidelines. The Council exists to help and support the people of Wirral and will act with honesty, integrity and respect in all that it does.

So what can you expect of Housing Options? 

Information and Advice

We will:

  • Provide you with information and advice regarding your housing solutions
  • Attempt to prevent homelessness occurring
  • Listen to, and respond fully to your enquiries, and provide you with clear and accurate information on housing solutions
  • Make information available to you in a variety of languages and formats should you require it
  • Provide an interpreter if required

Our Behaviour

We will:

  • Wear identification badges, and will introduce ourselves to you
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect
  • Not discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, gender, ethnic origin, disability, age or sexual orientation
  • Aim to continuously review and improve our services as a result of the feedback you provide us
  • Respond to correspondence within 10 working days
  • Get back to you within 2 working days if you leave a message for us


We will:

  • See you on the same day if you are homeless as a result of an emergency
  • Arrange a housing options interview as soon as possible
  • See you within 10 minutes of your appointment time, provided that you arrive on time
  • See you in a private interview room if you prefer, although you may need to wait until one is available

Homeless Applications

We will:

  • Undertake a comprehensive investigation into your homeless application, and will seek to make a decision within 33 working days
  • Inform you as to the progress of your homeless application on a weekly basis until we conclude our investigations
  • Inform you of our decision in writing, and explain the reason for our decision
  • Provide unsuccessful applicants with advice and information on other housing options available

If we have to provide the use of Temporary Accommodation

We will:

  • Endeavour to use accommodation within the borough
  • Ensure that the temporary accommodation we provide is clean, safe and secure
  • Aim to ensure that households with children do not remain in bed and breakfast accommodation for more than 7 days unless in an emergency
  • Issue you with a Service User Handbook if you are placed in one of our temporary accommodation properties
  • Ensure you will be contacted by a member of the Housing Options team to provide support, advice and assistance

If You Are Not Happy 

We will:

  • Inform you of your right to a review should you be unhappy with the outcome of your homeless investigation (this should be submitted to us within 21 days)
  • Inform you of the outcome of your review within 56 days, and advise you of the right to appeal to the County Court
  • Provide you with information on our complaints policy should you be unhappy with the service that you have received

How You Can Help

In the same way that we make a promise to you, we ask that you help us by:

  • Behaving respectfully towards our staff
  • Turning up on time for appointments
  • Appreciating that you may need an appointment in order to see a particular member of staff
  • Producing relevant documents and supporting information
  • Keeping us informed of any changes in your circumstances
  • Providing us with up to date contact details
  • Turning off your mobile phone whilst being interviewed
  • Treating any Temporary Accommodation that we provide with respect
  • Acting upon the advice given
  • Letting us know if you need any more help