Housing Associations & Affordable Housing

All social housing that was previously provided by Wirral Council is now owned and managed by Magenta Living and Beechwood and Ballantyne Community Housing Association.

There are a number of other Housing Associations (HAs) that provide housing in Wirral.

Most Housing Associations who own property in Wirral are partners in the Property Pool Plus Scheme. Rents for these properties are generally lower than private rented properties and a variety of properties are offered.  These rents include Social Rent (usually around 50% of the cost a private rent) and Affordable Rent, which the Government introduced from May 2011, and is around 80% of the cost of private rent

Properties are advertised weekly in the local newspapers, council offices and on the Property Pool Plus website.  If you are interested in social housing you will need to register with Property Pool Plus.

The current schemes list gives details of any affordable housing schemes currently being developed with properties to rent.

Below is a list of Housing Associations in Wirral.  Those that appear as links are connected to the Housing Association's website. Those that are not links include their contact details below.

Magenta Living

Beechwood & Ballantyne Community Housing Association

Cosmopolitan Housing Association

Leasowe Community Homes (Arena Housing)

Anchor Trust

Contour Housing  

Pine Court Housing Association 

Plus Dane Group

LHT (Rodney Housing Division)

Family Housing Association   

Forum Housing


Alpha Housing

Venture Housing

Wirral Methodist Housing Association

Regenda (Maritime)

The Riverside Group

Housing 21