Annual monitoring reports

The Council must publish an Annual Monitoring Report on the delivery of the Local Development Scheme and on local development trends and issues.

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The Monitoring Report for 2013/14 is currently the subject of a Delegated Decision which can be viewed here.


Annual Monitoring Report 2012/2013

Wirral Committed Residential Sites April 2013

Wirral Business Completions 2012/2013

Wirral Business Losses 2012/2013

Wirral Employment Land April 2013

Wirral Housing Completions 2012/2013

Wirral Leisure Completions 2012/2013

Wirral Retail Completions 2012/2013


Annual Monitoring Report 2011/2012

Appendix 4 Committed Residential Sites April 2012

Wirral Business Gains 2011/2012

Wirral Business Losses 2011/2012

Wirral Employment Land April 2012

Wirral Housing Completions 2011/2012

Wirral Leisure Completions 2011/2012

Wirral Retail Completions 2011/2012


Annual Monitoring Report for 2010/11

Housing Land Schedule


Annual Monitoring Report for 2009/10

Housing Land Schedule


Annual Monitoring Report for 2008/09

Housing Land Schedule


Annual Monitoring Report for 2007/08

Spatial Priority Areas

Housing Land Supply Summary

Schedule of committed Residential Sites

Housing Trajectory


Annual Monitoring Report for 2006/07


Annual Monitoring Report for 2005/06


Annual Monitoring Report for 2004/05

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