Carbon Reduction (CRed) Wirral

CRed Wirral logoThe Earth's climate is changing because of our use of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitting fuels. We need to cut our emissions to stop the worst effects.

CRed Wirral (Carbon Reduction Wirral) is dedicated to helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

There are many ways in which you can reduce your personal carbon footprint – the CO2 emissions arising from your use of energy at home, at work and through travel.

The CRed Wirral website is designed to help you to make and monitor your own personal pledges to take action. 

The website lists over 80 different pledges that can help save energy, cut carbon emissions and save you money. You can make a series of pledges and calculate your own carbon savings.

The site also keeps a running total of the carbon savings from all pledges made across Wirral.

The pledges range from simple steps like changing to low energy light bulbs, not boiling too much water, walking instead of driving short distances, and not leaving appliances on stand-by.

If you want to make an even bigger impact the site also provides details for more substantial pledges such as increasing your loft insulation or fitting double glazing. 

It also includes further information and details of support available to help put your carbon cutting pledges into action.

For more information - and to start making your own pledges - visit the CRed website. You can also follow @credwirral on Twitter