Listed Buildings

Wirral contains over 1,900 listed buildings. The listing of structures is a government responsibility, discharged by English Heritage. If you would like to find out if a building in Wirral is listed the lists are accessible via the government’s Heritage Gateway Website, which also contains other useful information.

The Council aims to work pro-actively with owners and occupiers to ensure that these important buildings are retained for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Listed buildings are graded as Grade I, II* or II according to their architectural quality or historical significance, with Grade I being of exceptional interest, 94% of listed buildings in the UK are Grade II listed.

A request for a building to be listed should be made to English Heritage.  You must provide evidence of the buildings historical value and why it's "special interest" has been previously overlooked.

Our frequently asked questions page provides further information.

It can often be useful to speak to a conservation officer about the implications of a specific set of works before submitting a formal Listed Building Consent application, in order to avoid the cost of drawing up an application that would not ultimately be acceptable. Advice may be given on site if necessary. You may email our Built Conservation & Urban Design Team with details of works you intend to undertake.