Port Sunlight Village Conservation Area

Houses in Port SunlightPort Sunlight conservation area was designated in 1978. It is located between Lower Bebington and New Ferry. Port Sunlight is a garden village founded in 1888 by William Hesketh Lever. Port Sunlight holds a unique place in the history of town planning: it represents the boldest vision of providing industrial workers with decent sanitary housing in a considered architectural and picturesque form.

The village is set in 130 acres of what can only be described as beautifully maintained parkland with a mature tree scene. Approximately 900 houses have been built along with some larger "principal" buildings. Nearly every building in the village is Grade II listed and two sections of the landscape are included in the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest. The early developments in the village occurred at the Southern end of Bolton Road with Greendale Road and the end of Wood Street close to the factory along with the area surrounding the Dell.

The buildings at Port Sunlight show great decoration and ornamentation while the internal elevations in the courtyards can be strikingly stark and utilitarian. This is an important architectural feature of the development at Port Sunlight. Lever concentrated the quality of construction and detailing to the front ‘main’ elevations while the rear courtyard elevations, which were not on public view, were treated in a more utilitarian fashion. At times this detail of appearance can appear almost ‘theatrical’.

Each of the principal buildings in the village has been approached on an individual basis and thus each enjoys its own architectural style they are quite different from any other principal building. The surrounding landscape plays an important role in unifying these buildings with the village houses.

Within Port Sunlight there are three registered parks and gardens listed at grade II:

  • The Dell,
  • The Diamond and
  • The Causeway

The Port Sunlight Conservation Management Plan was adopted in Spring 2011 further information is available to download from the Port Sunlight Village website.

The Conservation Area Guidance leaflet explains what a Conservation Area is and how the designation or extension of one affects those who live there. The aim is to provide general guidance and advice on the type of works that normally require planning permission as a result of designation.