Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)

Every local authority has established a Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) to bring together the key organisations in a local area with the aim of delivering a better quality of life for local people.

Wirral’s Local Strategic Partnership has operated for a number of years and includes representation from a wide range of partners including Merseyside Police, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Wirral, businesses and the voluntary, community and faith sectors.

The LSP structure is underpinned by the work a number of other partnerships and forums working together. They focus on particular issues such as improving prospects for children and young people, housing, Wirral’s economy, crime and disorder, health and Wirral’s living and working environment.

This section includes information on:


Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS)
Wirral Strategic Partnership’s Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS), Wirral 2025 sets out the long-term vision for the area, which Wirral Council and other partners in Wirral Strategic Partnership will work together to achieve. The Sustainable Community Strategy is a 20-year vision for the area and informs the priorities within the 3 year Local Area Agreement.


Local Area Agreement (LAA)
This document translates the Sustainable Community Strategy into a set of medium-term (3 year) priorities for improvement for Wirral. The aims within the Local Area Agreement will be achieved by the partners within the Wirral Strategic Partnership working together. The Local Area Agreement (LAA) covers a three year term, and is annually refreshed during March to ensure it is kept current.

Central government has recently announced changes to the national performance framework and the replacement of the national indicator set will provide more flexibility locally. This includes the revocation with immediate effect, October 2010, of all designations of local improvement targets within our Local Area Agreements (LAA). 

There is no longer a requirement to report LAA performance to central government and full control of all current local area agreements has been handed to local areas.

Wirral LSP is currently reviewing how it has worked to date and how it needs to work as a partnership in the future.