Wirral's Future. Be a part of it

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Email: consultation@wirral.gov.uk

Start date: 13 September 2010

End date: 31 October 2010

Purpose of the exercise: 

Wirral Council is facing the same budgetary challenges as all other local authorities across the country and must adapt. The consultation invited Council taxpayers in Wirral to have their say on how their money is spent to help ensure that Council services reflect the priorities of local people.

Four Task Forces have been established, each made up of private, public, voluntary and community sector service providers and staff members.

There is a Task Force for each of the following areas:

• Adult Social Services

• Children and Young People

• Economy and Regeneration

• Living in Wirral

Each considered what the Council’s future priorities should be, if resources could be better used and how local people or groups could help the Council to deliver its priorities.

They then provided a range of options for residents to consider, which were set out in four Options Papers.

The Options Papers were posted on this website and local people given lots of opportunities to comment on them during a seven week consultation period.

Who was consulted and how:

Residents, staff, stakeholders, businesses and community groups from across Wirral were invited to take part in the consultation.

We also used new media, public meetings and door to door visits as well as visits to supermarkets, events and gatherings right across the borough to make sure people get a chance to have their say.

Face to face and online surveys were also used to gather people’s views and Council staff were able to contribute via focus groups and other internal channels.

Who will the results of the exercise be reported to:
The results will be reported to Wirral Council’s Cabinet.

What were the results of the exercise:
The results of the consultation were presented to the Council's Cabinet on 9th December 2010 (agenda item no. 242).

What changes to the service will take place as a result of the exercise:
The findings of the consultation informed the Council's Corporate Plan which was published in April 2011. Some of the changes were outlined in the Cabinet Resolution on 9th December 2010.