Town centres consultation

Consultation title: Town Centres consultation

Contact officer: Hayley Crook

Tel: 0151 691-8297


Start date: 8th March 2011

End date: 25th March 2011

Purpose of the exercise:
Responses to the ‘Wirral’s Future – be a part of it’ public consultation raised concerns about the decline of some of our town centres. As a result we carried out a review involving traders, small businesses and the community, as part of a plan to identify ways to boost their vitality and viability.

The review will provide a detailed evidence base for each of the retail centres identified in order to inform the Core Strategy Development Plan Documents and what possible action maybe taken to improve their operation.

Who was consulted and how:
Meetings were held with local traders' groups and a survey was carried out. The consultation was also carried out through the Federation of Small Businesses, Wirral Business Forum and Wirral Chamber of Commerce.

Who were the results of the exercise reported to:
The results were presented in a report to the Council's Cabinet on 21st July 2011 (Agenda item 75).

What were the results of the exercise: The results of the exercise were set out in a report to the Council's Cabinet on 21st July 2011.

What changes to the service will take place as a result of the exercise:
The changes are outlined in the report that was presented to the Council's Cabinet on 21st July 2011.

They included the development of a series of plans action plans to support local town centres in conjunction with relevant Traders and other interested groups.

The following town centres will be included in the first phase of action plans: Liscard, New Ferry and Seacombe (Poulton Rd / Borough Rd), New Brighton (Seabank Rd), Wallasey Village and Irby.