Speed limit review

Contact Officer: Carl Amos

Contact tel: 0151 606 2004

Start date: 22 September 2010

End date: 15 October 2010

Purpose of the exercise:

The Department for Transport asked local authorities to review speed limits on their A and B roads. In addition, Wirral Council have taken the opportunity to review the speed limits on a number of other strategic routes in Wirral in order to provide a consistent approach to the whole road network.

Speed limits are not set in isolation, but are considered as part of a bigger picture in relation to the entire road and the environment they are on. They need to be rational, consistent, and appropriate. Perhaps most importantly, in order to achieve good levels of compliance, speed limits need to be understood and respected by drivers.

To ensure that we have taken a fair and balanced approach to setting local speed limits, we have used a review panel of experts, which include traffic management specialists, local police and traffic police officers, road safety officers and an independent consultancy who have experience in speed limit work.

As part of the review we have undertaken a large number of traffic surveys to identify the actual speeds of traffic and the numbers of vehicles using the roads. We have also taken into consideration the known road safety records together with an appraisal of local factors such as housing, schools, shops etc.

This consultation exercise has been created to show you the proposals for the roads, and give an indication of what the changes may look like.

Who will be consulted and how:

All proposals will be advertised within the local press on Wednesday 22 September 2010. Notices will be posted on-site and consultation leaflets will be delivered to all frontages directly affected by the schemes. Proposals can also be viewed on this website.

How can you get involved:

Objections or comments in support of the proposals, together with the grounds on which they are made can be made:

By post: The Director of Law, HR and Asset Management, Wallasey Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey, Wirral, CH44 8ED.

View the proposals.

Who will the results of the exercise be reported to:

Following our statutory advertisement, consultation with local residents and people affected by the proposals, a report on the outcome of this consultation will be considered by Council members and the Cabinet Member for Streetscene and Transport Services, before any final decision on the speed limit is made.

What were the results of the exercise:

The results of the exercise are available to view in the Highways and Traffic Representation Panel - Minutes from November 2010.

What changes to the service will take place as a result of the exercise:

The changes that will take place following the Speed Limit Review are available to view in the Highways and Traffic Representation Panel - Minutes from November 2010.