Oxton Village conservation area boundary extensions

Consultation title: Oxton Village Conservation Area Boundary Extensions

Contact Officer: Jessica Malpas, Matthew Crook

Email: builtconservation@wirral.gov.uk

Start date: 21st March 2011

End date: 2nd May 2011

Purpose of the consultation:

The Oxton Village Character Appraisal (January 2010) made recommendations to extend the conservation area's boundaries. To read through these recommendations, the Oxton Village Character Appraisal can be viewed on the Council's website, refer to Section 2: Conservation Area Recommendations of the appraisal, page 65. A six-week consultation was conducted to find out the public's opinions on the boundary extensions.

Who was consulted?

The consultation (residents, businesses, interested parties) covered every property that is located within and sits outside the proposed boundary extensions for Oxton Village Conservation Area. Within the Council the Tree Preservation Officer, the Highways Department, and the Forward Planning team will also be consulted.

How was the consultation carried out?

Via an online questionnaire

Who will the results of the consultation be reported to?

The final report will be reported to the Council's Cabinet.

What changes will take place as a result of the consultation?

These will be reported following the consultation.