Local Development Framework for Wirral: Core Strategy Preferred Options Report

Contact officer: Pam Conway

Tel: 0151 691 8206

Email: pamconway@wirral.gov.uk

Start date: 15 November 2010

End date: 7 January 2011

Purpose of the exercise:
Wirral Council is asking local people if they agree with a new strategy for future development in the Borough. The consultation is the latest step towards agreeing a new Development Plan Document, which will be known as the “Core Strategy”. The new strategy will replace the existing Unitary Development Plan, which was adopted in February 2000. The Core Strategy will provide the broad direction for development and investment in Wirral over the next 15 years and beyond and will help to inform decisions on individual planning applications. Comments are also being invited on an open space assessment and a housing land study.

Comments received will be used to inform the next stage of the Core Strategy. It is expected that the full process will be completed in early 2012 when the Core Strategy has been agreed by the Council and signed off by a Planning Inspector.

Who will be consulted and how:
Notification emails and letters were sent to contacts on the Local Development Framework database and Area Forum Members. A full copy of all consultation documents was sent to Councillors, specific consultees, Wirral libraries, One Stop Shops and the public counter of the Technical Services Department at the Cheshire Lines Building. All documents were available to view and comment on at our Planning consultation portal.

A public open day was held at Wallasey Town Hall on Monday 15 November 2010, featuring hourly presentations and officer feedback. Public notices appeared in the local press during the week of 1 November and 8 November 2010. The consultation was also promoted on the Council's website and via the local media.

Who were the results of the exercise reported to:
The results were reported to the Council’s Cabinet on 21st July 2011.

What were the results of the exercise:
The results of the exercise are outlined in a report to the Council's Cabinet.

What changes to the service will take place as a result of the exercise:
The changes made as a result of the consultation are outlined in Appendix I of the report to Cabinet from 21st July 2011.