Council performance

Wirral Council is committed to delivering high quality, cost effective services that meet the needs of residents and improves quality of life.

To help achieve our goals, we set targets and measure performance frequently. Performance management helps us to demonstrate how well we are doing. Our Performance Management Framework is designed to clearly and simply explain how we manage performance, demonstrate improvement and allocate roles and responsibilities.

By managing performance, the Council promotes the following principles:

  • Honesty and transparency

Performance reports accurately reflect the true picture (e.g. plans are not adjusted during the year to improve performance) and they are widely published. They highlight under performance and identify areas for improvement, as well as publicising success. By applying this approach, the Council is open to constructive challenge - both internally and externally from the public, partners and peers.

  • Timeliness

Performance information is available at the right time to support decision making and ensure that council services are responsive to the changing needs of the people of Wirral.

  • Responsibility and accountability

Responsibility for performance is council wide. Every member of staff has a role and responsibility in helping the council meet its objectives. Good performance is the result of high performing teams and individuals.

  • Strong leadership

Collectively, the Council’s leadership champions the importance of performance management & actively encourages staff to improve performance.

  • Working together 

All employees understand the Councils objectives and everyone knows what is expected of them.

  • Evidence based decision making

All plans and targets are based on a robust evidence base.


Performance management is important as it enables us to:

  • Focus on the Council’s priorities as set out in the Corporate Plan 2014-16
  • Support business, workforce and budget planning
  • Set challenging and robust targets aimed at improving services and measuring progress
  • Identify and tackle poor performance
  • Be accountable to our customers
  • Help ensure we provide value for money
  • Improve outcomes for residents
  • Enables comparison with other councils to identify best practice in performance and service provision