Registering a Marriage

Giving Notice of Marriage

Couples intending to marry must personally give notice to the superintendent registrar, unless you are having a Church of England wedding as this does not come under the Civil Registration Service.

If you are having a Church of England wedding please contact the Vicar of the church for advice on legal requirements for marriages and fees.

You should make an appointment at the register office in the district in which you have lived in for the 8 days prior to giving notice. 


How do we arrange a Civil Marriage?

For marriages at the Register Office or other approved premise in Wirral:

  • Telephone 0151 606 2020 to provisionally book your marriage date (up to 15 months in advance) in the marriage diary. This booking will be held for three months.
  • From 1st July 2013, the wedding diaries will be available 2 years in advance. 
  • There is a £32 non-refundable booking fee, which has to be paid when the booking is taken. It can be paid by debit/credit card over the telephone. Alternatively call in person to the Register Office, at Birkenhead Town Hall and provisionally book your wedding and pay the £32 cash.
  • If you both live in Wirral we will book you an appointment to give notice of your intention to marry. This is a legal requirement prior to marriage and each partner is required to give an individual notice.
  • If you and your partner live in the same district, it is helpful if you both attend at the same time.
  • If you live outside of Wirral you will need to give notice of your intention to marry at your local register office. This will be forwarded to Wirral and will be used to confirm your provisional booking.
  • You can give notice of your intention to marry a minimum of 28 days before the date of marriage and a maximum of 12 months before.

In a Register Office or Approved Premise in another district:

  • If you are marrying in another district but one or both of you lives in Wirral, then you must give notice of your intention to marry here in Wirral. We will forward this information to the relevant authority.


What information will I need to give Notice of Marriage?
You will need to produce a number of documents when you Give Notice of Marriage. They are:

  • If you were born after 1 January 1983 you must produce a passport. If a passport is not available you must produce your birth certificate and your mother’s birth certificate
  • A passport (or a birth certificate if a passport is not available) 
  • Proof of address (a recent council tax bill, utility bill, bank statement or a driving licence)
  • If either party has been through a form of marriage or civil partnership previously, you will need to provide evidence of the dissolution (a certified copy of your decree absolute)
  • If either party is widowed, you will need to produce a certified copy of the death certificate.
  • A fee is available for this service. Please contact the Register Office on 0151 606 2020 for more information

If you have a query about the documents you need to produce please call us on 0151 606 2020.

Please note that the marriage can only take place at the venue you name on the notice of marriage. If you were to change the venue it would be necessary to give, and pay for, new notices of marriage.

Special rules apply if one or both of the people proposing to get married are subject to Immigration Control.


How much does it cost to give Notice of Marriage?

A fee of £35 is payable to the Superintendent Registrar at the time of giving the Notice of Marriage.


Civil Marriage and Civil Partnership – Special Licences

If someone or their partner has a terminal illness it is possible to get a licence to marry or form a civil partnership very quickly without having to give the usual statutory notices. You will need to speak to a Registrar who can provide further information. Please contact the office on 0151 606 2020.


Marriage rooms in Wirral

Civil marriages can take place at Birkenhead Town Hall and Wallasey Town Hall. The marriage room at Birkenhead seats 45 people and the marriage room at Wallasey holds 50 people. If you wish to see these rooms, please telephone and we will arrange for you to view them.

Marriages can also take place at a number of hotels, licensed by Wirral Council.


Accommodation in Wirral

Wirral offers a range of quality accommodation to suit all budgets. To find out more and book your accommodation visit the Visitwirral website.


Opening Hours

By appointment only from 9.00am to 4.00pm (Monday to Friday). Please call 0151 606 2020 to make an appointment.