Cremation services may take place at Landican Crematorium, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 3pm at 30 minute intervals.

Download a list of cremation charges and memorial charges.

Cremations should be booked with the crematorium at least two working days in advance.

It will be necessary to inform the hospital or medical practitioner who last attended the deceased that a cremation is to take place. The medical practitioner will then complete a statutory Form B setting out the cause of death and other circumstances surrounding the death.

This Form B will then be passed to another qualified medical practitioner who will examine the body and complete a confirmatory certificate known as Form C before arranging for both forms to be delivered to the crematorium. There is a charge for the completion of both of these forms.

Where the Coroner has been involved in establishing the cause of death and has issued a Coroners Order for Cremation Forms B and C mentioned above are not required.

You will need to sign a statutory Application for Cremation (Form A) in the presence of another person who will be required to certify that you are known to them and that they have no reason to doubt the answer given to any of the questions on the form.

The crematorium will also need written instructions for the service and disposal of the cremated remains. All statutory forms, including the Coroners Order for Cremation or the Registrars Certificate for Cremation or Burial, must be delivered to the crematorium by no later than 12 noon on the working day prior to the funeral service.

The full service, which will last approximately 20 minutes, can take place in the crematorium chapel or part of the service can be held in your own church with only a short committal ceremony being held at the crematorium. Should you wish to have a longer service or expect a large number of people to attend, it is possible to arrange for additional time on payment of a small charge.

As an alternative, the full service may be held in your own church and the coffin brought for cremation with no further ceremony. In this case the coffin will still be brought into the chapel and be placed on the catafalque before entering the crematory.

Whichever option is chosen it will be necessary to consult the officiating minister to ensure that the appointment is suitable to all parties.

It is not necessary to use a hearse to bring the coffin to the crematorium. People arranging personalised funerals often use their own estate cars or hire a van in lieu of the traditional hearse. Similarly you may use a biodegradable (cardboard) coffin instead of the usual chipboard coffin if you wish.

Cremation Guidance Notes

This information is designed to give some guidance to the bereaved when considering the final disposal of cremated remains and the various memorials available at Landican Cemetery.

Strewing of Cremated Remains in the Garden of Remembrance

The cremated remains may be strewn on the lawns of the Garden of Remembrance.

This is carried out in a reverent manner seven days after the cremation service. Once strewn on the lawns, a layer of fine soil is used to cover the cremated remains to avoid causing distress to visitors.

The area in which the cremated remains are strewn is then recorded in the crematorium register for future reference.

Where relatives of the deceased have previously been scattered within the Garden of Remembrance, it is possible for other relatives to be strewn in the same area following their cremation (the full name and date of death of the previous deceased relative will be required)

Appointments to witness the strewing of Cremated Remains

An appointment may be arranged for a mutually convenient date and time to allow relatives to attend and witness the final disposal of the cremated remains within the Garden of Remembrance. (Monday to Thursday 3.30pm to 4pm).

Should the relatives desire, a minister may be engaged to read a short form of service. This would be arranged by and at the expense of the applicant.

On arrival at the pre-arranged location within Landican Cemetery a member of the crematorium staff will meet the family.

If the cremated remains are delivered to the crematorium at the time of the appointment, the attendant will need to transfer the cremated remains into a specially designed container, before strewing can take place.

The attendant will strew the cremated remains in the presence of relatives.

However, if a family member would like to strew the cremated remains themselves the crematorium attendant should be informed, whereupon instructions will be provided to the family prior to the strewing taking place.

Collection of Cremated Remains

Cremated remains may be collected from the crematorium after 10am the next working day.

The disposal of the cremated remains can be in a local churchyard or any other land (with the permission of the landowner) or be retained by the relatives.

The cremated remains are usually collected by the funeral director on behalf of the applicant; however, the applicant can collect the cremated remains from the crematorium direct.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to release the cremated remains from the crematorium to anyone other than the applicant.

Cremated Remains graves

Following a cremation service a cremated remains grave can be purchased for the burial of cremated remains.

An appointment can be arranged were relatives can be present at the burial. A minister may also officiate at the burial; this can be arranged by and at the expense of the applicant.

Cremated remains graves are available within, Landican Cemetery, Plymyard Cemetery, Frankby Cemetery and Rake Lane Cemetery.

Cremated Remains Casket

Example of wooden casket for burial of cremated remains.
Caskets are available from the funeral directors at the expense of the applicant.

Burial/Strewn in existing family graves

Should there be an existing family grave, it may be possible for the cremated remains to be buried in or strewn on the grave, with the written permission of the grave owner (on the relevant application form).

As with the cremated remains graves, an appointment can be arranged.