Community Safety priorities consultation

Every year the priorities for the Wirral Community Safety Partnership (Safer Wirral) are published in the Community Safety Partnership Strategy. Before the strategy is published Safer Wirral asks local residents, businesses and other organisations about their community safety priorities. This helps us to make sure our efforts are focused on the issues that are most important to people in Wirral.

View the 2011 Community Safety Partnership Strategy update

The community priorities were taken from as wide a range of residents, representatives and practitioners as possible. To ensure the best possible representation a range of methods were employed including focus groups, questionnaires, surveys, Area Forums, ‘Face the Public’ sessions and websites.

Wirral Community Safety Partnership would like to extend its thanks to all those who contributed their opinions and expertise to the latest consultation, which took place in Autumn 2010.


What we found

There were a great deal of comments regarding road use including speeding, cycling on pavements, and ‘razzing’ around on ‘mini moto’ motorbikes in the summer. In terms of disorder these have been put together as a priority to reduce vehicle nuisance.

There were also many comments requesting reversal of imminent reductions to Police (‘Bobbies on the Beat’) and Council staff.

Anti-social behaviour is always a high priority from members of the public and practitioners in the field, alike. The largest area of concern voiced by Wirral communities was young people hanging around and particular reference was made to the abuse of alcohol and drugs.


How we will react

Wirral Community Priorities to Reduce Crime and Disorder

1. Anti Social Behaviour
a. Youths hanging around

2. Alcohol or drug abuse

3. Vehicle Nuisance

4. Criminal Damage

The Community Safety Partnership will continue to reduce the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour, vehicle nuisance and criminal damage by co-ordinating efforts of the Police, Anti-Social Behaviour Team, Community Patrol, the Drugs and Alcohol Action Team as well as others to support victims and reduce offending.

Wirral Community Safety Team will continue to address each Community Priority within its daily work. We will also ensure that these issues are constantly monitored to ensure long term reductions are achieved.

Accountability to the public requires the heads of each agency including Council Chief Executive and Wirral Police Area Commander to agree challenging crime reduction targets and enable resources to ensure these targets are met. Particular focus will be given to ‘hotspot’ locations, likely ‘spikes’ based on analysis from previous years, and ensuring vulnerable or repeat victims receive a premium service.

The Community Safety Partnership Strategy sets out how we intend to achieve these priorities.