Reporting anti-social behaviour

It's your call cardComplaints of anti-social behaviour can be reported to ‘It’s Your Call’, a borough-wide reporting service for tackling anti-social behaviour on 0151 606 2020. This is operated through the Council’s Call Centre and currently operates from 8.45am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

An answer phone service is provided out-of-hours and calls will be returned the next working day. This service is also available across Council One Stop Shops. All complaints are logged and callers will be signposted to the agencies that can deal with their complaint most effectively. All complaints of anti-social behaviour are treated in confidence.

Out of hours, you can also contact Wirral Community Patrol 24 hours a day to request attendance at an incident of anti-social behaviour or environmental crime on 0151 666 5265.

Incidents of anti-social behaviour can also be reported to Merseyside Police on 0151 709 6010.

If you are private resident (you rent or own your home or live with friends/family) and the person responsible for the behaviour (the alleged perpetrator) is also a private resident, your complaint of anti-social behaviour will be referred to Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Team through the 'It's Your Call' service. If either you or the alleged perpetrator is a tenant of a Registered Provider of social housing (Housing Association) you will be signposted to the respective landlord.

Most Registered Providers of social housing and Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Team will request that you complete Incident Diaries. These are written logs that you will be asked to make for each incident that you see. Alternative arrangements can be made for individuals who, for example, have difficulty writing or English is not their first language.

If you are referred to Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Team through its private sector service, upon the receipt of completed Incident Diaries (logs) you will be offered support by the Witness Support Network. This is an additional service operated by Wirral Mediation Service purely to support the victims of anti-social behaviour. You will be offered as much or as little support as you want.

If a case is allocated to an Enforcement Officer within Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Team (following its assessment through its private sector service or following referral by a Registered Provider of social housing with which it has a contract) you will be offered intensive support throughout the progression of your case and beyond.

If your complaint is dealt with by a Registered Provider of social housing they will offer you support as your complaint is dealt with.