Dealing with perpetrators

A twin-track approach of enforcement and support is taken with the perpetrators of anti-social behaviour. This means the robust challenge of unacceptable behaviour, coupled where appropriate, with support and intervention to tackle the underlying causes of their behaviour. Action is taken against both adults and young people.

All children and young people are referred into a project called Challenge & Support. This is co-ordinated by Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Team and involves a wide range of agencies and services, including the Police, Youth Offending Service, Connexions, Universal Youth Support Service (formerly the Youth and Play service), Education Social Welfare Service, Social Care and many more.

All children and young people who are identified as engaging in anti-social behaviour or at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour (maybe due to who they are friends with or risky behaviour they engage in) are referred into Challenge & Support. The agencies and services decide for each young person what should happen in terms of challenging their behaviour and what support they need to be offered to help divert them or tackle the causes of their behaviour.

There are a wide range of tools and powers to tackle anti-social behaviour by adults and/or young people.

These include but not exclusively:

  • issuing warnings about more serious consequences of their behaviour;
  • asking them to sign an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) agreeing not to engage in certain types of behaviour (such as shouting and swearing in public and not drinking alcohol in a public place);
  • asking a court to issue them with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order or Injunction (adults) which will place restrictions on their behaviour and may stop them from going to certain places, socialising in public with particular individuals and/or placing them on a curfew;
  • asking a court to evict them from the home they live in (for private tenants and social housing tenants) or closing their home for a number of months and not allowing anyone inside (this is called a Closure Order).

Further information about tools to tackle anti-social behaviour can be found at the archived former Government's Respect website.