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Joint community safety team

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Wirral's Joint Community Safety team

Wirral has a Joint Community Safety Team, made up of staff from a range of agencies including council, police, fire, health, social services, and probation. We also have a dedicated Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

Together, they are the ‘action arm’ of the Wirral Community Safety Partnership (Safer Wirral). They are committed to reducing actual levels of crime and disorder, reducing undue fear of crime felt by the people of Wirral and tackling underlying problems that cause crime and disorder in the community.

The priorities for Safer Wirral are set out in a strategy document which is updated annually in consultation with local residents, businesses and other organisations.

As well as taking on board the views of Wirral communities, the Community Safety Partnerships Strategy is also informed by an Strategic Assessment of crime and disorder to see when and where issues occur.