Animal Control and Welfare Service

Wirral Animal Control and Welfare Service (formerly known to as the Dog Warden Service) is responsible for collecting, kenneling, and wherever possible, re-homing stray dogs in the Borough.

The service also enforces the Dogs Acts, the Dangerous Dogs Act in conjunction with Merseyside Police who have primary responsibility, the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act and animal licensing legislation.

The service provides help and advice on animal related issues throughout the Borough and Animal Control Officers also visit schools and community groups, providing guidance and information on the care, welfare and control of dogs.

We can be found at: Council Kennels, Corporation Road, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 4JZ


Dogs and domestic pets

If you have lost your dog and want to check if it is present at the kennels, or if you are interested in adopting a dog, have a look at the kennels gallery photographs of dogs that we currently have in the kennels.

Lost pets is a service aimed at anyone who has lost a family pet. It holds photographs and details of all types of lost animals for a period of one month. Designed to make searching for a lost pet much easier, it allows you to print off a personalised lost pet poster to distribute in your local area.

There is a charge for reclaiming your lost dog and for purchasing a dog from us. There is also a subsidised charge for having your pet microchipped at our clinic. We are also able to offer reduced cost 2nd vaccinations to any dog which has been through the kennels. Where possible we will assist with the cost of neutering your dog with assistance from the Dogs Trust and for your cats with assistance from the Cats Protection League. Download a full list of current charges.

Other animals

If you are looking for advice or help for other animal species we will try to assist, either from our own knowledge, or by helping you to contact the specialists.

You can use the service request button to make complaints about stray dogs, fouling or just to make a general enquiry about the service we provide. Please note, we will not take anonymous complaints which require us to visit or deal with another person or address.

If you wish to report a noise nuisance caused by a barking dog, please contact Pollution Control. We will however give general advice on barking dogs.