Wirral Family Information Service

Childrens Centres

The Family Information Service (FIS) provides advice for Wirral families with children and young people aged between 0 and 20 years of age. 

This area of the website provides further information on:

Children’s Centres
There are 16 Children’s Centres in Wirral; this section of the site provides more information about services, opening times and locations. 

Register to become a member of your local Children’s Centre.

Find Childcare
Here you will find information on childminders, nurseries, play groups and after school clubs in your area.

This section of the site answers some frequently asked questions on funding for early education places.

This section gives information on support for parents in difficult circumstances, support for children and young people with disabilities and activities for children and young people aged 0 - 19.

Financial Support
Here you will find more information about childcare vouchers, tax credits and maternity pay.

How to Become a…
This section of the site provides information on how to become a childminder and how to become a childcare provider.

Supporting disabled children and young people

The Council provides a range of support services and activities for disabled children and young people and their families.

Support for families in difficult circumstances

Services which aim to help parents, carers and family members who are having difficulty with providing care and support for children and young people.

Family Common Assessment Framework

The Family Common Assessment Framework (Family CAF) is an assessment that any person working with a family can complete if they feel that the child(ren) and family require services from multiple organisations (multi agency). The common assessment form is simply a way of recording the discussion that a practitioner has with a child/parent.

It does not have to be highly formal or presented as a ‘big event’.

For further details please see the link below:


Teen Wirral
This website is a one-stop-shop for hundreds of events and positive activities for all young people aged 13-19, happening right across Wirral.

Childcare Sufficiency
Click here to view how much child care Wirral has and where it is available.

Information Hub on Offenders' families with children for Professionals (i-HOP)

This service is a one stop information hub for professionals who work with children and families of offenders. There are an estimated 200,000 children of offenders in England and Wales. Further, 7% of children will have experienced the imprisonment of their father during their school years. These children are far more likely to suffer poor outcomes (poverty, mental health, youth offending etc.) than their peers.

i-HOP provides professionals who work with the children of offenders with a free online information hub providing all the local and national services, up to date resources, strategies, policies and research to support work with these families. There is also a free helpline that professionals can access for support.

For further details click HERE

Healthy Options in Children's Centres

Wirral Children's Centres offer a timetable of 'healthy option' activities for families, for further details please click HERE

FREE Business Training

HMRC is offering free online seminars (webinars) for people who are either thinking of becoming a childminder or who are already childminding.

The webinar, ‘Self-employed Childminders and HMRC’ is a basic guide to key tax and National Insurance issues affecting self-employed childminders.  It explains how to register with HMRC, what expenses are allowable and how to keep records. 

The webinar lasts for about an hour and as long as you have internet access you can take part from wherever suits you.  You can use a laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android phone/tablet. 

Other webinars include:

  • Self - Employment and HMRC
  • Business Expenses
  • National Insurance

Completing Your Tax Return will be held on 30 September 2014, for further details please click HERE

HMRC also offers webinars for Foster Carers- this webinar is suitable for prospective Foster carers or those who have been approved as a Foster carer. Find out about what self-employment means to you, how to use qualifying care relief, keeping records and what to put on your tax return.

To access webinars and to find out further information please click HERE



SenseAbility is the new soft play and sensory venue at the Europa Pools leisure centre in Birkenhead. The building has soft play and sensory equipment. We have had great feedback from the trial sessions; with everyone saying how much they really enjoyed their visit and how they are looking forward to using the venue. The use of SenseAbility is by membership only – either individual members or group members. You can download membership forms below.

Individual memberships are for the individual user and you will be able to use their card to book a place for them, their parents/carers and siblings. For an individual membership form please click HERE

Group memberships are for organisations or for people who will come as a group together and will have a lead member who makes their bookings.  For a group membership form, please click HERE

If you would like a membership form sent to in the post, please use the contact below.

You can return membership forms by email to alexshears@wirral.gov.uk or send it in the post to Short Break Services for Disabled Children, Pensby Children’s Centre, 147 Fishers Lane, Pensby, CH61 8SD. Please note all forms; including the email ones must be signed.

 Short Breaks will process the membership forms and will contact you if any proof of disability is needed. We will then notify you when your membership card is ready.


FREE NHS Training!!!!!

Do you work in Wirral with children aged 0-4 years? Wirral Community NHS Trust's Livewell team is providing FREE training workshops on a range of topics.
All of the workshops are facilitated by qualified NHS Public Health practitioners. The workshops cover:

  • breastfeeding
  • child safety
  • food and nutrition
  • oral health
  • physical activity
  • weaning, allergies and intolerances

For further details please click HERE