Assessing and Monitoring Pupil Progress

In the initial stage a pupil may be a beginner or at a very early stage of learning English.

Although the pupil may well be intellectually very bright and a high achiever in their first language, they may be operating below National Curriculum Level One in English and there fore not able to be assessed on the National Curriculum Levels.

A method for assessing and monitoring these pupils is set out in the publication “A Language in Common.”

Pupils who are operating below Level One can be assessed on three prior levels, which lead to Level One. They are:

  • Step One
  • Step Two
  • Level One Threshold


  • Level One

The following profiles can be used to assess and monitor a pupil’s progress in listening, speaking, reading and writing starting at Step One and progressing to National Curriculum Level Four.

When a pupil attains Level Four the method which the school employs for all pupils can then be used for the EAL pupil.

It is envisaged that APP (Assessing Pupil Progress) descriptors will replace the National Curriculum descriptors. However Step One, Step Two, and Level One Threshold will remain but may be revised.