Pupil Records

We are often asked how long certain records should be retained by a school before they can be disposed of. It is important to remember that many school records are of invaluable help for local historical and genealogical research and there should be a presumption against destroying any records unless it is considered that they are of no such value.

The following guidance is by no means exhaustive but covers the items most frequently asked about:

School Log Books - must be retained permanently. When a log book is completed send it to the Record Office.

Admission Registers - these should be retained permanently - note that this is not the same as the class register in which daily attendance is marked.

Pupil Record cards or printouts - to be retained for a minimum of seven years after the pupil has left school or until the pupil has reached the age of 25 years, whichever is the later date.

Class registers - to be retained whilst the pupils are still at school. For example, if a pupil enters school in September 2001 and leaves in July 2008, the September 2001 register for that class can only be destroyed in 2008.