School holidays and term dates

From 1st September 2015 schools must set their own term dates and INSET days and no longer have to follow the dates set by the council. These should be available on every school website.


Guidelines for setting school term dates

The council recommends the following dates to schools to help them plan their school years consistently across Wirral.

Summer Term 2015  
Open Monday 20th Apr - Friday 22nd May
Half-term Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May 
Open Monday 1st Jun - Tuesday 21st Jul
Autumn Term 2015  
Open Tuesday 1 Sep - Friday 23 Oct
Half-term Monday 26 Oct – Friday 30 Oct
Open Monday 2 Nov - Friday 18 Dec
Christmas Holiday Monday 21 Dec – Friday 1 Jan
Spring Term 2016  
Open Monday 4 Jan - Friday 12 Feb
Half-term Monday 15 Feb – Friday 19 Feb
Open Monday 22 Feb - Friday 1 Apr
Easter Bank Holidays Friday 25 Mar & Monday 28 Mar
Spring break Monday 4 Apr – Friday 15 Apr
Summer Term 2016  
Open Monday 18 Apr - Friday 27 May
May Day Bank Holiday Monday 2 May
Half-term Monday 30 May – Friday 3 Jun
Open Monday 6 Jun - Thursday 21 Jul
Autumn Term 2016
Open Monday 5 Sep - Friday 21 Oct
Half-term Monday 24 Oct - Friday 28 Oct
Open Monday 31 Oct - Friday 23 Dec
Christmas Holiday Mon 26 Dec - Fri 6 Jan
Spring Term 2017  
Open Monday 9 Jan - Friday 17 Feb
Half-term Mon 20 Feb - Fri 24 Feb
Open Mon 27 Feb - Fri 31 Mar
Easter Bank Holidays Friday 14 Apr & Monday 17 Apr
Spring break Monday 3 Apr - Monday 17 Apr
Summer Term 2017  
Open Tuesday 18 Apr - Friday 26 May
Half-term Monday 29 May - Friday 2 Jun
Open Monday 5 Jun - Tuesday 25 Jul
Autumn Term 2017  
Open Monday 4 Sep


The council, along with neighbouring authorities, has set out the following principles for school term dates:

  • All terms start on a Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday)
  • October half term is always the last full week in October
  • A break covering Christmas and New Year
  • February half term will always be the third full week in February
  • Easter Break is renamed the Spring Break and will always be the first two full weeks in April
  • Easter will always be observed via the Bank Holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday
  • Whitsun half term break will be one week
  • Where a school is open for a part-week this will be for a minimum of three days to encourage attendance
  • The five INSET days are to be designated by the individual School Governing Body, but there will be no more than two days in any one term set consecutively