Adoption: Post Adoption Support

Wirral Adoption Service offers a confidential and comprehensive service for all post adoption issues.    

This service is available to:

  • adoptive parents
  • adopted children or young people under the age of 18
  • adopted adults
  • birth relatives of someone who has been adopted

The support can include:

  • Arranging an assessment to identify support needs
  • Help with contact arrangements
  • Advice and support on child development issues
  • Signposting to other appropriate services or agencies

We also provide a service for adopted adults who want to find out about their birth records. This includes obtaining their birth certificate, locating their adoption file, and tracing birth family members.  We provide counselling to the adopted person to ensure that they have considered the possible effects of any enquiries on themselves and on others. 

If the person wishes to contact birth families directly we will refer them to an organisation specialising in this work called ‘After Adoption’