Adoption: How do I Adopt?

Finding out more 

You can contact us by phone, letter, or email.  When contacting us please provide a telephone number for us to call you back. The Adoption Service duty officer will then contact you and discuss with you further about the adoption information pack and information evenings.

After you decide that you are definitely interested we will ask you to complete an expression of interest form and then we will contact you to arrange a visit from an adoption social worker.  

During your home visit, we will give you more detailed information about the process for adoption and give you information about children in Wirral that need to be adopted.  

What will we need to know? 

We need to make sure that all the children we place for adoption will be safe.  One of the ways we do this is to carry out a number of statutory checks on you and your family.   

These include checks with the following agencies:

  • The Criminal Records Bureau
  • Children’s social care and adult social services
  • Department of Health list
  • Department for Education and Skills list

The fact that these agencies have information about you will not stop you from adopting. It depends on the nature of the information provided and whether we think this will make a difference to your ability to care for a child. 

We will also need the following references which we will follow up 

  • Personal and family references
  • Employment references if you work with children
  • If you have children from a relationship with an ex-partner, a reference in relation to the ex-partner

We also need to know about the health of you and your family, including any details of any physical or mental illness. If you have a medical condition or are disabled it does not mean that you will be excluded.  It depends on the nature of the information provided and whether we think this will make a difference to your ability to care for a child. 


We provide a comprehensive preparation course for prospective adopters.  The aim is to give prospective adopters an understanding of the issues surrounding adoption, including some of the challenges and difficulties as well as the rewards.  We want to ensure that prospective adopters make informed decisions about whether they can make a lifelong commitment to an adopted child or children. 

During this training you will have the opportunity to meet and talk to people who have been through the process and adopted their children. 

Home study assessments 

An adoption social worker will interview you in your home several times to complete part of the assessment.  This is an assessment of your capacity to adopt and your ability to meet the needs of children that you may adopt.  The assessment will look at a range of issues including lifestyle, ability to form a relationship with a child, understanding of past experiences, and ability to value a child’s heritage. 

You can read more about the process for adoption on the following pages: