Wirral Trader Scheme for Consumers

Find an approved trader

The Wirral Trader Scheme has been introduced as a means of providing an alternative source of business contacts for the public.

The scheme aims to create a trading environment where consumers can buy goods or services with confidence.

Traders must demonstrate a commitment to trade fairly and honestly, and to deal effectively with any dissatisfaction expressed by their customers.

They also have to meet minimum standards of quality set out in the ‘Code of Practice’.

Applicants are checked by Wirral Trading Standards to see if they have any complaint history with Wirral and neighbouring local Authorities or have any court record.

The range of service provision contained within the scheme is wide although not all businesses who apply to join the Scheme have been accepted.


What’s in it for consumers?

  • Access to a list of members of the Trader Scheme who satisfy the requirements of the Code of Practice.
  • Confidence that Members will strive to offer quality goods and services.
  • Confidence that Members will be committed to a high standard of customer care and after sales service.
  • Members are committed to complying with both the spirit and letter of civil and criminal law and with the Trader Scheme Code of Practice.
  • Confidence that Members operate an effective complaints resolution process.