Highway projection

What is a "highway projection"?

A highway projection is any building or part of a building either temporary or permanent which projects over or creates a cavity under a highway. This can include a canopy or awning, CCTV equipment, shop sign, or a building overhang or a cellar. You must apply for permission from the Council if you want to erect or construct a highway projection.

Section 176 to 180 of Highways Act 1980 gives highway authorities powers to licence or authorise projections and to introduce conditions relating to them. In certain instances, planning approval may also be required.

Tacit consent does not apply for highway safety reasons and you must not construct a projection until you have received permission. We would normally aim to process applications within 20 working days, if you have not heard from us within this period please contact Streetscene using the contact details on the right.


General guidelines for advertising displays and canopies etc

The following are general guidelines, however each application will be considered based upon individual site conditions. The maximum protrusion over the public footway is 1.05 metres, subject to 2.0 metres clear passageway between the edge of the protrusion and the road (or any intervening street furniture such as a bollard or telephone box).

To allow for the safe passage of pedestrians beneath projections such as canopies, blinds or CCTV equipment etc a minimum vertical clearance of 2.75 metres is required from the surface of the footway to the underside of any projection.


Application Fee.

For all new applications a fee of £50 is required to cover the costs of processing and checking your application. The fee is reduced to £30 for changes to an existing licence.


How to apply for permission?

You must complete and return an application together with a plan, the appropriate fee and proof of public liability insurance.

Details of how to apply can be obtained by contacting Streetscene.

Alternatively you may apply online through Business Link.

Changes can also be made to an existing licence application through Business Link

Your application will be considered in relation to its scale, size, location and impact on the adjacent highway. Once you have permission you may continue to project over/under the highway until or unless you are notified differently.


Complaints or enquiries

Please complete the Licensing & Permit Issues form:

  • if your application is refused
  • if you disagree with the attached conditions
  • to complain about the location or condition of a highway projection