Investment Strategy

Wirral’s future – Open to All

An Investment Strategy for Wirral  

Our Vision

Together with our partners, Wirral Council is committed to encouraging focused and dynamic development while maintaining and enhancing Wirral’s unique character and high quality of life. The Investment Strategy will ensure Wirral continues to be a prosperous and sustainable place to invest in, live, work and visit.

The Wirral Investment Strategy seeks to create a successful economy, which is fundamental to the borough’s future prosperity and to achieving social equality. This will be achieved by working closely with the private sector to maximise the benefits of economic regeneration opportunities.

The Strategy aims to deliver a borough founded on a strong, vibrant economy with high levels of employment and to provide an environment to develop the skills needed to make Wirral a place where businesses choose to invest.

The Investment Strategy is focused on Investing in People, Businesses and Places in Wirral. Through the Investment Strategy Delivery Plan, the Council has set out its vision for ensuring that the aspirations of the borough and its people are achieved.  

The Investment Strategy board which is a partnership of the public and private sector, was set up to advise and promote the strategy; however, key decisions are made through the Council’s Cabinet.

Key documents are available to view and download: