The following web pages offer information and advice to Wirral residents, visitors and businesses on how to prepare for major emergencies and what to do if an emergency occurs.

The chances of you being caught up in a major emergency or disaster are low.  Nevertheless, if it should occur the Council and its partner agencies have emergency plans prepared for most major incidents, so the key is not to panic and stay calm. 

All emergencies are different in terms of the dangers to members of the public and the response required. The Council works closely with the emergency services and many other agencies to develop plans to enable an effective response should a major incident occur; plans are reviewed and tested regularly to ensure that they work.

In event of an emergency, the Council’s emergency plans are normally “activated” by a call from the Police or Fire Service, who would take the lead in any response. They will tell the Council when an incident has occurred and where our involvement is needed.

Wirral Council’s Emergency Planning team maintain appropriate arrangements and procedures that enable the council to respond to and manage major incidences ensuring that essential services are maintained at all times.