Postal contact details

If you would like to contact the Council by post, please send your letter to the Postal Address that corresponds with the Council Service you are writing about below. 

It would be helpful if you could insert the name of the service your are writing about at the top of the address on your envelope. 

Postal Address Council Service

Finance Department
P.O. Box No. 2
CH41 6BU

  • Customer feedback – compliments, complaints and suggestions
  • Council Tax and business rates
  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support
  • Freedom of Information requests
  • Libraries

Wallasey Town Hall
Brighton Street
CH44 8ED

  • Licensing
  • Electoral Register
  • Councillors
  • Legal services
  • Appeals against School Admissions
  • Trading Standards
  • Strategy and regeneration
  • Supported Housing
  • Housing Strategy
  • Planning and Building Control

Old Market House
Hamilton Street
CH41 5AL

  • Adult social services (inc. Support for
    older people and those with disabilities)
  • Public Health

Dept. for Children and Young People
Hamilton Building
Conway Street
CH41 4FD

Services for Children and Young People, including:

  • School transport and admissions
  • Early years childcare
  • Children's Centres
  • Education and welfare services

Cheshire Lines building
Canning Street
CH41 1ND

Streetscene services, including:

  • Roads and traffic management
  • Street furniture and street lighting
  • Flooding
  • Parking services
  • Bins and recycling
  • Public footpaths
  • Cycling routes and road safety
  • Cultural Services (including museums,
    Sports centres,Parks and open spaces)
  • Cemeteries and crematoria

Knutsford Road
CH46 8TN

Environmental Health including:

  • Pollution control
  • Pest control
  • Food safety
  • Dog wardens