How are children prepared for adoption?

Children who are being placed for adoption will have many professionals and adults involved in their life – the child’s social worker, the adoption family finding social worker, foster carers, health service professionals and birth families.  They work together in planning and preparing for adoption.

  • every child will have a care plan which is monitored and reviewed
  • children are visited by their social worker regularly, every 6 weeks for the first 12 months of a placement and then quarterly and support them in their transition into their adoptive families
  • social workers work with the child to help them understand why they became looked after and why they cannot return to their birth family
  • through direct work, social workers explain to children about the adoption process
  • children are encouraged to share their views and opinions.  Their wishes and feelings are included in a child’s permanence report which is presented to the Adoption Panel when deciding if the child should be placed for adoption

How do we find a suitable family?

Once it has been decided that a child is to be placed for adoption the adoption family finder social worker works with the social worker who has case responsibility for the child, to find a suitable match.   The social workers make a Family Finding Plan which involves:

  • developing a clear picture of the specific needs of the child/children.
  • trying to find a family within Wirral, unless there are reasons why this is not in the child’s best interests.
  • finding as many potential suitable matches as possible through the local authority adopters, adoption consortiums and advertising for specific children at pre-approval training or in the press.
  • collecting information about potential adoptive families.
  • holding a shortlisting meeting, to identify a family that matches the needs of the individual child/children. 
  • proposing a match to the Adoption Panel following visits to the shortlisted families and a matching meeting.

A Wirral adopter says:

"We will be forever grateful to the Wirral Adoption Service and the team who helped us create our family. The adoption process was much simpler and less intrusive than we ever thought. We would definitely encourage anyone thinking of adopting to do it"