If you feel you could provide a child or children with a loving family environment for a lifetime, take the first step in adoption:

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Once you have had an informal discussion with a social worker, you will receive a visit from a member of the team. You will be provided with more detailed information on the 2 stage process of approval and the longer term role and support of the team.

Stage 1 (8 weeks)

During the first part of the assessment process, which is primarily led by you  we undertake statutory checks and other references with your consent; you will be asked to complete a workbook all about you and invited to a 3 day preparation group where you will meet other people who are involved adoption.

Training and Support

Training is provided to help prepare for adoption and offers information on adoption and parenting. Ongoing support is available from the adoption team throughout.

Stage 2 (16 weeks)

When Stage 1 is successfully concluded you will then become part of a more detailed assessment that will identify what  you are bringing to adoption, your strengths and needs and the type of child or children you would be most suited parenting.

Adoption Panel

Your assessment report which you will see is then presented to the Adoption Panel. The Panel will make a recommendation to the Agency Decision Maker whether you should be approved as suitable to adopt.
The Panel consists of professionals and independent members who have an interest and knowledge of all aspects of adoption.  The Panel Chair will share the recommendation with you on the day and the Agency Decision will be put in writing to you once they have reached a decision.

Matching and Placement

Approved adopters, will have full support of a social worker whilst they are matched with a child, through the child’s placement for adoption, making an application to adopt the child through to the making of an Adoption Order. The ongoing support you can expect is documented in a written support plan.

A Wirral adopter says:

"I was a single parent for nineteen years before I decided to adopt.  I was very apprehensive as I wasn't sure with my single status quite how it would all work out.  However, I needn't have worried as after making the initial enquiry a Social Worker came to visit and explained everything in more detail. My Social Worker alleviated all those fears as we went through the assessment together."