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Location Township Date Last Visited/Cut
Radford Avenue Spital 17/10/2017
Radley Drive Thornton Hough 05/10/2017
Radley Road Wallasey 02/10/2017
Radstock Road Wallasey 02/10/2017
Raeburn Avenue Eastham 09/10/2017
Rake Hey/Carr House Lane Moreton 27/09/2017
Rake Lane New Brighton 27/09/2017
Raleigh Road Leasowe 09/10/2017
Rathmore Road Oxton 17/10/2017
Ravenhill Crescent Leasowe 05/10/2017
Redhouse Banks West Kirby 13/10/2017
Redhouse Lane Hoylake 13/10/2017
Redmere Drive Heswall 16/10/2017
Redstone Close Meols 12/10/2017
Reeds Avenue East and West Leasowe 05/10/2017
Reeds Lane (Leasowe Station-Leasowe Road) Leasowe/Moreton 05/10/2017
Reeds Lane, from No 78 - 142 Leasowe/Moreton 05/10/2017
Reeds Lane/Hoylake Road Corner Moreton 11/10/2017
Regents Way Higher Bebington 03/08/2015
Regents Way Higher Bebington 19/09/2017
Rhodesway Heswall 04/10/2017
Rhona Close Eastham 19/10/2017
Ribble Street/Shannon Street Birkenhead 03/10/2017
Rice Lane/Charlotte Road Wallasey 27/09/2017
Rice Lane/Charlotte Road Wallasey 10/10/2017
Richmond Close Bebington 23/10/2017
Richmond Road Bebington 04/10/2017
Richmond Road Bebington 24/10/2017
Rickaby Close Bromborough 23/10/2017
Ridgefield Road Pensby 17/10/2017
Ridgemere Road Pensby 17/10/2017
Ridgeview Road Noctorum 16/10/2017
Ridgeview Road/Westway Noctorum 16/10/2017
Ridgewood Drive Pensby 17/10/2017
Rigby Drive Greasby 02/10/2017
Ringwood Prenton 24/10/2017
River Grove New Ferry 09/10/2017
Riverbank Close Heswall 02/10/2017
Riverbank Road Bromborough 19/09/2017
Riverbank Road Heswall 03/10/2017
Riverview Road Bromborough 19/09/2017
Riverview Road Seacombe 27/09/2017
Riverwood Road Bromborough 19/09/2017
Riviera Drive Higher Bebington 19/09/2017
Riviera Drive Rock Ferry 04/08/2015
Robin Way Woodchurch 02/10/2017
Rock Lane East (opposite no 86-100) New Ferry 05/10/2017
Rock Lane West (To Train Track) Birkenhead 28/09/2017
Rock Park New Ferry 05/10/2017
Rocky Lane South Corner Heswall 03/10/2017
Roland Avenue Higher Bebington 28/09/2017
Roman Road Meols 20/10/2017
Ronaldsway (Heswall) Heswall 02/10/2017
Ronaldsway (Upton) Upton 26/09/2017
Rooks Way Heswall 19/10/2017
Rosclare Drive Wallasey 28/09/2017
Rose Cottage, By Tudor Grange, Greasby Greasby 03/10/2017
Rosefield Avenue Higher Bebington 03/10/2017
Rosemount Drive New Brighton 28/09/2017
Roslin Road Irby 09/10/2017
Ross Avenue Leasowe
Ross Tower/Gregson/New Tower Court New Brighton 11/10/2017
Rossall Road Moreton 10/10/2017
Rostherne Avenue Wallasey 26/09/2017
Rostherne Avenue/Mill Lane Corner Wallasey 26/09/2017
Rotherwood Close Higher Bebington
Rotherwood Close Higher Bebington 28/09/2017
Rothsay Drive Eastham 04/10/2017
Rowan Grove Higher Bebington 27/09/2017
Rowson Street New Brighton 27/09/2017
Royden Road Upton 22/09/2017
Royden Road Opposite Overchurch Hotel Upton 22/09/2017
Ruskin Avenue Wallasey 26/09/2017
Russell Road Wallasey Village 11/10/2017
Rycroft Road Seacombe 25/09/2017
Ryecroft Road Heswall 28/09/2017