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Location Township Date Last Visited/Cut
Haddon Drive Pensby 16/10/2017
Hadley Avenue Bromborough 12/10/2017
Hall Drive Greasby 02/10/2017
Halton Crescent Greasby
Halton Crescent Greasby 05/10/2017
Hambledon Drive Greasby 04/10/2017
Hamilton Street Birkenhead 26/10/2017
Harborne Drive Spital
Harborne Drive Spital 19/10/2017
Harding Avenue Bebington 21/08/2017
Harley Avenue Higher Bebington 19/09/2017
Harrock Wood Close Irby 05/10/2017
Harrogate Close Eastham 20/10/2017
Harrogate Road Eastham 20/10/2017
Harrogate Road New Ferry 24/10/2017
Harrow Close Wallasey 02/10/2017
Harvest Lane Moreton 16/10/2017
Harvest Lane Adjacent to No80 Moreton 12/10/2017
Harvest Lane Adjacent to number 1 Moreton 20/10/2017
Harvest Lane Adjacent to number 29 Moreton 20/10/2017
Harvest Lane Adjacent to number 31 Moreton 20/10/2017
Harvest Lane Adjacent to number 41 Moreton 20/10/2017
Harvest Lane Adjacent to number 43 Moreton 20/10/2017
Harvest Lane Adjacent to number 61 Moreton 20/10/2017
Harvest Lane Adjacent to number 7 Moreton 17/10/2017
Harvest Lane Adjacent to number 82 Moreton 20/10/2017
Harvest Lane Adjacent to number 9 Moreton 17/10/2017
Hatton Avenue Eastham 28/09/2017
Hawks Way Heswall 19/10/2017
Hayfield Place Adjacent to No. 16 Moreton
Hazel Grove Higher Bebington 27/09/2017
Hazel Grove Irby 09/10/2017
Hazeldene Avenue Thingwall 17/10/2017
Hazeldene Way Thingwall 17/10/2017
Hazeldene Way/Torrington Gardens Thingwall 17/10/2017
Hazelwood Greasby 04/10/2017
Headington Road/Littlemore Close Saughall Massie 27/09/2017
Headland Close West Kirby
Heath Drive Upton 26/09/2017
Heath Road Higher Bebington 26/09/2017
Heath Road Corner Higher Bebington 22/08/2017
Heathbank Avenue Irby 09/10/2017
Heathbank Avenue/Melksham Drive Footpath Irby 09/10/2017
Heather Bank Higher Bebington 28/09/2017
Heather Road Higher Bebington 26/09/2017
Heathfield Road Bebington 22/08/2017
Heathmoor Road Moreton 17/10/2017
Helmingham Grove Birkenhead 28/09/2017
Helsby Avenue Eastham 29/09/2017
Helton Close Noctorum 25/10/2017
Henley Close Spital 19/10/2017
Hereford Avenue Upton 25/09/2017
Heron Road Meols 23/10/2017
Heron Road Island Meols
Heron Road Island Meols 23/10/2017
Heronpark Way Spital 13/10/2017
Hesketh Avenue Higher Bebington 19/09/2017
Hesketh Avenue Rock Ferry 04/08/2015
Heswall Avenue Higher Bebington 19/09/2017
Heygarth Drive Greasby 18/10/2017
Heygarth Road Bromborough/Eastham 05/10/2017
Heyville Road Higher Bebington 26/09/2017
Heywood Boulevard Irby 18/10/2017
High Bank Close Noctorum
High Bank Close Adj to No 1 Noctorum
High Street Bromborough 25/10/2017
Highcroft Avenue Bebington 21/08/2017
Highcroft Avenue Footpath Spital 20/10/2017
Highcroft Green Bebington 21/08/2017
Higher Bebington Road Higher Bebington 04/10/2017
Highfield Close Wallasey 26/09/2017
Highfield Drive Greasby 18/10/2017
Highfield South New Ferry 24/10/2017
Highfields Heswall 23/10/2017
Highgate Close Heswall 18/10/2017
Hilary Drive Upton 26/09/2017
Hilbre View West Kirby 11/10/2017
Hill Top Lane Heswall 04/10/2017
Hillary Road Bromborough/Eastham 04/10/2017
Hillary Road/Woodlea Close Footpath Bromborough/Eastham 04/10/2017
Hillbark Road Frankby 05/10/2017
Hillside Road West Kirby 06/10/2017
Hillside Road Corner Heswall 03/10/2017
Hillside Road/Leighton Road Estate Birkenhead 28/09/2017
Hillwood Close/Meriden Avenue Spital 19/10/2017
Hinderton Drive Heswall 02/10/2017
Hinderton Road, Holt Road Corner Birkenhead 28/09/2017
Hinson Street Birkenhead 26/10/2017
Holly Avenue Bebington 19/08/2017
Holly Place Moreton 12/10/2017
Holm Farm To Tarporley Close Footpath Oxton 17/10/2017
Holm Lane Oxton 17/10/2017
Holm View Close Noctorum 25/10/2017
Holmesway Pensby 10/10/2017
Holmlands Crescent Noctorum
Holmlands Crescent Oxton 17/10/2017
Holmlands Drive Oxton 17/10/2017
Holmlands Drive Footpath Oxton 17/10/2017
Holmville Road Higher Bebington 26/09/2017
Holt Hill Birkenhead 28/09/2017
Holt Hill Birkenhead 26/10/2017
Home Farm Close Upton 27/09/2017
Home Farm Close Woodchurch 03/10/2017
Home Farm Road Woodchurch 10/10/2017
Hoole Road Woodchurch 10/10/2017
Hoole Road Shops (Rear Of) Woodchurch 10/10/2017
Hope Street Birkenhead 26/10/2017
Hopfield Road Moreton 12/10/2017
Hopfield Road Adjacent to numbers 21-31 Moreton 12/10/2017
Horsemans Place Seacombe 23/10/2017
Hose Side Road/Mount Pleasant Corner New Brighton 11/10/2017
Hotel California Roundabout Area Birkenhead 26/10/2017
Houghton Road Woodchurch 19/10/2017
Howson Street New Ferry 05/10/2017
Hoylake Baths Hoylake/Meols 05/10/2017
Hoylake Road Bidston 09/10/2017
Hoylake Road Moreton 28/09/2017
Hoylake Road Adjacent to No 79 Bidston 09/10/2017
Hoylake Road Adjacent to numbers 85 Moreton 11/10/2017
Hoylake Road Adjacent to numbers 98-116 Moreton 11/10/2017
Hoylake Road, Adjacent to No 47 (Passage To Amberley Close) Moreton 27/09/2017
Hoylake Road, Adjacent to number 51 Moreton 11/10/2017
Hoylake Road, Carr Lane To Saughall Road Meols 09/10/2017
Hoylake Road/Bidston Link Road Corner Bidston 09/10/2017
Hoyle Road Hoylake 19/10/2017
Hudson Place Upton 25/09/2017