Wirral’s Multisystemic Therapy (MST) team works with families and communities to address the causes of serious anti-social behaviour in young people aged 11-16. We work to support families in finding ways to improve the young person’s chances for the future.

The MST model is an evidence-based intervention designed to work with the families of young people who are living at home and exhibiting behaviours such as:

  • truancy and academic problems
  • serious disrespect and disobedience
  • aggressive behaviour (violence, fighting, property destruction)
  • criminal behaviour
  • drug and alcohol problems
  • running away
  • other high risk behaviours - for example, self-harm

MST looks at all the influences on a young person’s life, such as school, peers, family and community. This helps us understand where problems may be occurring and how best they might be solved.

The MST therapist works with the parents or carers to help them set goals for everybody to work towards - for example, helping a child get back into school or reducing aggressive behaviour.

What will the MST Therapist do?

The MST Therapist mainly works with parents and carers and may look at ways to empower them in achieving objectives such as:

  • encourage children to follow rules and listen to parents
  • improve management of disobedient and aggressive behaviour
  • enhancing and strengthening family relations
  • encourage the child to develop beneficial associations with social peers
  • improve school or vocational performance
  • decrease drug and alcohol use or criminal behaviour

Getting help from MST

A number of different professionals can make an MST referral for a young person - including social care, youth offending and child and adolescent mental health. If one of these services is involved with your family, approach them for further guidance. If not, there is a possibility that schools might be able to make referrals in the future.

For further information on this service please contact the Wirral MST administrator:

  • call 0151 666 3476
  • visit the MST website